Fishing Club

The RSL Fishing Club has been in existence for over 40 years. It has been proud to provide a recreational service to the members of the RSL Redlands and beyond. It is good to see that current club anglers Include the children and grandchildren of past members.


Although there is a number of club competitions, the Club has a family focus and looks for opportunities to encourage juniors. There will always be a mix of younger anglers as well as crusty old salts who are expert fishers and are happy to mentor the younger or less experienced anglers.
We welcome active members who will participate in the fishing and social events and will assist with fund raising work-B’s etc. Anglers wishing to join the club must also be members of the RSL Services Club

Fishing Competitions

Weather permitting, we try to conduct a club fishing trip at least fortnightly. There is usually no restriction on the area that a competitor may fish however, the area bounded by Peel Island in the north down to Jumpinpin and into the Broadwater are most popular zones.
If its expected that winds will exceed 20 knot, the Club Captain will cancel the trip and may replace it with a Land Based and Estuary competition.
Competitions are held on the weekends. During the year, we mix the programme up to include beach trips (usually to Stradbroke Island), competitions with other clubs, freshwater comp and social days.


Some competitions are held from the “Huts”. The “Huts” are a facility on Stradbroke Island which provides a base for fishing as well as for overnight accommodation for members. Apart from comfortable sleeping quarters, it includes an amenities block with hot/cold showers and a environmental toilet. This facility is the envy of other fishing clubs and it is a centrepiece of the club.


General Meetings are held on the 1st Wednesday of each month at 6.30pm in the Redlands RSL Meeting Room. Existing members should attend in order to keep abreast of club issues and prospective members are welcome as observers

New members are always welcome.

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Next Trip

*Please advise Dave Clarke (0412 663806) in advance if you are fishing a comp.
All trips are ON subject to change in weather. Peter Germain


Please fill out this 2015 Renewal membership form and email it to Peter Germain (, or hand to a member.  Remember to pay your fees.


President – Brian Kelsey, Ph: 0419 727 251
Secretary – Michael Martin
Treasurer – Les Clifford