If you have an expired membership, then you can renew online today…

Renew Your Expiring 2023 Membership:

Memberships include the remainder of 2023..
1 Year 2024 (expires 31 Dec 2024) – $5.50,
3 Year Membership (expires 31 Dec 2026) – $12, or
5 Year Membership (expires 31 Dec 2028) – $15
(These prices exclude Service members).

Please present proof of ID (current Driver’s Licence, 18+ card, or passport) at reception to collect your membership card.

The Yearly fee covers a calendar year only (not from the date you join) and will expire on the 31st December (if applied for before 1st October of that year). Memberships received on 1st October and after will receive the rest of that year and then the 1, 3 or 5 year term.

Members benefits and discounts are for the benefit of the individual member only.

Any memberships that have an expiry date prior to 2023 must Become a New Member as your details will no longer be on our membership database.

For Membership enquiries email Karleigh Little at karleigh.little@redlandsrsl.com.au

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