We don’t all like to admit we are getting older, but a little treat from us just might make celebrating it that little bit easier…

Simply swipe your membership card in the members kiosk during your birthday month to receive your birthday rewards…

You will receive an entry ticket into the Birthday Draws where you could win a share in $1000 (4 x $250 cash), held on the 3rd Sunday of your birthday month between 11am & 1pm.
Upcoming Dates: 19th Jan, 16th Feb, & 15th Mar, 19th April, 17th May, & 21st June. 

You will also receive Birthday Reward Points on your membership card. Depending on your membership status, you will receive at least 1,500 points ($15). These points can be used at Sails Restaurant, Cove Cafe, at the Bars, Bottle Shop, or can be redeemed through the club kiosk.
These points will be valid on your financial membership card for 12 months from the day that you receive them.