Saturday 28th July 2007 saw the opening of the Redlands RSL Library and Museum by Phil Weightman MP Member for Cleveland. The Library/Museum was made possible by a $30,000.00 grant from the Queensland Government Gaming Community Benefit Fund and as a result benefits the Redlands Community. Our Deputy President Ian Gray and his team of volunteers was given the task to develop and implement a Military and Library Museum.

The funding provided bookcases, memorabilia display cabinets, glass secure display cases, display cabinet lighting, carpeting for sound proofing the facility, in addition Ian developed a computer program to document and record family members donations of Medals, Military equipment, Military history books for the purpose of tracking documents and military history of family members.  Multimedia unit and computers were purchased to provide school students and the community access to conflict history eras.

The aim of the Library / Museum is to provide a relaxing atmosphere for Veterans and Ex Servicemen and Women in which they can read the many books available or view the DVDs and Videos that are also provided. RSL members can also borrow books to take home to read, by leaving their contact details in our borrowing book.

The facility is available to local schools, enabling students to carry out research on the Military history of Australia and Allied Forces and to view memorabilia and documents that have been accumulated over the years by veterans and the community. In 2012 the facility was handed over to Vice President Les Warner to manage. Les had many years of experience of working with museums.

The Library / Museum building is also home to the Veterans and Ex Servicemen and Women’s Community and the Office of the Vietnam Veterans Pension and Welfare Officers.

Open times for the Library / Museum Hours are Mondays through to Thursday from 10am to 2pm.

GROUP BOOKINGS ARE ESSENTIAL and can be made by contacting Martin Rabjohns on 0438 229 763.

Redlands RSL thank the dedicated volunteers of the Vietnam Veterans, National Serviceman and lady supporters and Redlands RSL Women’s Auxiliary members who have given their time over the years to keep the facility open and running.

To day the curator of the museum is: Martin Rabjohns